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I have been a teacher for . . . oh . . . a lot of years - too many to keep track of. Teaching is my first passion, besides my husband of course. Writing is my other passion. So when the National Education Association, NEA, recently acknowledged my column, TEACHER'S PETS at, I was flattered.

Of course, I am unbelievably proud of my team of reviewers -- seven children ages, 8 to 10 years old. They are amazing reviewers and have grown into this job as the years have passed. All of the KIDDLES have been members of the KIDDLE CRITers since they were 6 years old.

Each session they come prepared to work and laugh and tease and giggle, and, of course, eat. So far the KIDDLES have reviewed more than 30 books.

You can see the reviews. Just click on the Teacher/Book Reviewer tab above to read abbreviated reviews or go to to read the full review.

We hope you enjoy them.


Congratulations on the NEA recognizing your page. Excellent! Well done! Neat! You did the hard work. You've earned the honor!
Roxyanne Young, Editor SmartWriters Journal

Congratulations! That's a great reward for all your work!
Carolyn Johnson, Internet Librarian and Educational Author

Mom! That is absolutly fantastic! You must be so proud....what an accomplishment. You deserve it!
Lots of love, Kiersten In case you didn't guess . . . That's my daughter!

That was GREAT!!! Congratulations!
I'm so happy you have received this recognition for all your hard work. "You Go Girl"!!!
Fav Cuz, Trish

WOW! Congratulations Donna. That was great. This should give you some well deserved recognition.
Hank, father-in-law

Congrats, Donna on your hard work and your award for your young publishers and critics! Keep up the good work with your students. Good luck to all of you!!
Love, Joyce, cousin

Congratulations on your recognition by the NEA. Very impressive!
Pat, brother-in-law - the youngest one

Hey, Donna!
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