Children's Writers Workshop
The Children's Writers Workshop has a new home on America Online. We are now located in CAREERS & WORKPLACE. The directions are included to make your traveling easier. Please stop by and bring a friend. The workshop is open each Thursday evening from 9 -10pm, EST.
(I regret that if your server is not America Online, you will not be able to access the room.)
Directions to Children's Writers Workshop

Click on -- Channels
Click on -- Workplace
Click on -- Chats & Boards
Click on -- Professional Forum Chats
Click on -- Writing & Publishing Chat Schedule
Scroll to -- Thursday at 9pm
Click on -- Children's Writers Workshop

See you there! :)

History of the Children's Writers Workshop

We were all very sad to see the WRITERS CLUB on AOL dissolve, and especially our CHILDREN'S WRITERS WORKSHOP. I have been involved since 1994 while Anne LeMieaux, (Swan522) Roland Smith, (RSmith) and Barbara (TwisterB) were moderating. When Barbara retired, I stepped into her position as Greeter for Anne and Roland. Some time later Anne and Roland retired, turning the chat over to Marilyn Singer, (WriterBabe). I continued as Greeter and Chuck Galey, (CGaley) came on board as my back-up. Then he eventually moved into the co-Host position. This made way for Sue Eden, (BOEDEN) to cover Chuck's vacated position as she took over as my back-up. During this entire time our silent partner, Joan Holub, (JOANWRITE) faithfully logged each chat and uploaded it to our archived library. I know that many of you are not able to attend the chat in person, but I'm aware that the libraries are well used.

As a team, Marilyn, Chuck, Sue, Joan, and I discussed a variety of ways to keep the chat alive and intact, but AOL made it very difficult for us. Although they readily offered another forum area where we could open our workshop, they required us each to take additional hosting courses. (AOL COLLEGE ;)) Since ours are purely voluntary positions and since we have each been in our respective positions for many years, we found this offensive. Unfortunately AOL would not budge on their requirements so it was either take the courses or allow the chat to slip into cyber blackness.
Fortunately for me, this changeover occurred during the summertime while I was not teaching 1st grade, so I decided to bite the bullet, take the additional 14 hours of classes, (I already had 12 hours.) and move the chat to its new home at CAREERS & WORKPLACE. Sue, who was also required to take additional classes, agreed to join me as the Greeter for the chat, while I act as Host/Moderator.

Many years later AOL had another drastic change and Sue and I handed the chat over to a faithful attendee Carolyn M. Johnson (LynWriteBk). You can find Lyn hosting the Children's Writers Workshop at Pro Writers Workshop on AOL each Thursday night at 9:00 P.M. Stop by for valuable information on the many topics of writing for children.

Phhewww-- History lesson is over. But, I wanted you to understand how the CHILDREN'S WRITERS WORKSHOP has evolved since, I believe, its beginning in the early 1990s. If I have inadvertently omitted anyone involved in the chat's history, I greatly apologize.



Vision for the Children's Writers Workshop


I expect the chat will start out slowly as Sue and I get the lay of the new land. We will be in the workshop room each Thursday evening from 9pm until 10pm EST to greet you and to spend time talking the business of children's publishing. It will be an informal setting. So, feel free to drop in and remember you can bring a friend.

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