Taos, New Mexico

(August 2009)treska-farm-garlic-harvest

Here is the result of a lot of hard work and the fulfillment of a dream.

Last summer, (2008) Treska decided she wanted to have a garden. She dug the rows. She planted the seeds and watered them. She plcked the weeds ... and she whispered to the seedlings - coaxing them to grow. AND . . . they did grow. Beautiful salads adorned the dinner table each evening. But Treska's dream grew and soon the whole family was involved. In the summer of 2009 a full-blown farm was born.

In early spring Falko was behind the rototiller clearing the land -- more than an acre. With many friends a greenhouse was erected right before a blizzard dumped inches of snow on top. Then the long and arduous task of planting the seeds came. That is back-breaking work. So is the weeding, of course. Harvesting is a whole lot more fun. I got to do some of that. Being out in the field surrounded by quiet and nature is so relaxing.

No vampires will be found anywhere near the KinderFarm -- not unless they like garlic. Treska, Kaya, Kiersten, Jenny, and Rafa and Tono are showing off their harvest. (top photo)
I picked onions. I liked picking them too. 
They just popped out of the ground -- big and round and pungent-smelling. I'm holding two varieties - yellow and white. I also harvested radishes, sugar snap peas, and tons of kale. I'd never eaten kale before. It's good.

Here's the work station. It used to be a white canopy until an unexpected storm had its way with it. Luckily for the KinderFarm, my son, Jared, came along from Santa Cruz, California. With wood,  a few nails, and a canvas tarp he constructed a permanent work area to clean and bag the vegetables. Here are Treska, Kiersten, and Jared preparing the produce for market and for the dinner table too.


This fluffy, white rooster taos-farm-roosters-2009
lives with the hens who lay the eggs.

The colorful Miranda Canyon KinderFarm farm market stall being "wo-manned" by Kiersten and her two fellow farmers, Jenny and Marcy.

And at the end of the day, when the work is done, there is beauty to behold.

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