Speech Pathologist, Gillian Bower’s gentle ways and her knowledge will contribute to David's recovery.

When Gillian Bower and Terryn Davis needed to leave for personal reasons a few days earlier, John Benich and Mike Seagraves, respectively, stepped in and made the transition quick and easy.

All of David’s therapists were very professional and knowledgeable in his or her area of expertise and we are very grateful to each of them for their dedication and for making our time in California an easier one and a memorable one for all the laughter.

I don't want to forget Mona Robertson who worked in the office and was my first friendly contact at Domincan Hospital. We had so many wonderful talks. She was never too busy to stop her typing fingers, well, I bet she was busy, but she stopped them anyway, to help me with so many little/big problems and, to just talk. Our first talk was when I was driving on the Cross Bronx Expressway (with my earphone in, of course) from the JFK airport -- a tricky drive in the best of times. I hate driving New York. Our talks in her office were much more sane and comforting.

Also, I have to mention Rodger. I said my hellos to him every day.

(Sorry - no pictures here. I had them, but my camera lost them. Notice, I blamed my camera because I would never have done such a thing.)

If I've forgotten anyone, I sincerely apologize. I truly believe you are all wonderful.
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