Trish (Patti) and her husband, Bryce

Kathy (Ses) and her husband, Sam
and their daughter, Kayla

I have tons of cousins. My mother had eight sisters and brothers and each of them had at least four children. Some even had six or seven. So if you do the math the cousins really add up. My father had only one sister who only gave me three cousins, but add them to the bunch and I have tons and tons of cousins.

Unfortunately, though, all but two of my cousins live far away. The whole family started out in the Pittsburgh area many, many years ago, but everyone escaped. They moved to places with names like Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, California, and Michigan to name a few, so we don't get to see each other. In fact, I could probably walk by a cousin on the street and not even know who he or she is. So, it makes me feel really happy that I have two cousins who live near me and we are very good friends.

Meet my cousin Trish (Patti) and her husband Bryce and my cousin Kathy (Ses) and her husband, Sam, and their daughter, Kayla. I am so glad that they are family.
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