Summer 2005
Here are Trish (aka Patti) and Bryce.
Here are Trish (aka Patti) and Bryce

My cousin-in-law, Bryce, was one of the first people to arrive. He was there while David was being operated on for his first surgery.

Cousin Trish, (aka Patti) and Bryce only live down the street from me. But on this fateful day, Trish was in Florida visiting her family. Through a very roundabout way - the family phone chain, which literally went around the whole country, Trish found out about the surgery and called her husband, Bryce. Bryce immediately left his job in NYC to come to the hospital.

I didn't realize how critical David was.
I didn't think I needed anybody to hold my hand.
I did!     AND . . . They did!
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