Sam & his Dad, Ross Spinelli

 This is my cousin Kathy's husband, Sam, with his dad, Ross. We just spent a very nice Thanksgiving afternoon with them.
sam-and-dad-2-jpg Ross kept telling me he was going to charge me for all the pictures I was taking of  him. I told him to put it on my bill.
 Alba is Sam's mother. She was in the kitchen a lot  She cooks a great stuffing! I just had to get her recipe . . . as if I'm going to cook a turkey.alba-thanksgiving.jpg
Okay, maybe I will tomorrow.
Here's Kathy!

She was  the overseer of today's  feast - And what a feast it was!

Turkey of course,
which I already said was Alba's specialtykathy-thanksgiving-2006,
mashed potatoes and gravy,
sweet potatoes, two kinds
two different kinds of cranberry dishes, too.
Can't forget the pumpkin pie.

Delicious dinner! Great company!

What more can you ask for?
This is Sam's sister, Maria, and her husband, Mike. David and Mike had a great time talking racing. Bet you thought I was going to say, "Talking Turkey!" They just ate a lot of that.

maria-and-mike-thanksgivinMaria and Mike are from the Pittsburgh area. So are Alba and Ross. For that matter . . . so are Kathy and Sam, and since I was born there and David and I both went to school there, I guess we are, too.
It's the Pittsburgh Conection. 
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