womenstudentsindavidslife20THE WOMEN IN DAVID'S  LIFE

These are the women in David's life. They come and they go. They come with hopes and dreams -- some to collect that piece of paper at the end of their work conferring their Ph.D. degrees; some as postdocs to enhance their learning. And they go . . . to new labs to carry on their work as postdoctoral fellows or assistant professors.
Sarah Greene, research technician
Brenda Perez, most recently called Dr. Perez
Valerie Weaver-Grosso, postdoc
Donna (me)  staying put – not going anywhere
Galadriel Hover-Miner, graduate student
Sarah Clock, graduate student

                Brenda with some of David's former students. davidsstudentsdec2006
    Paul Planet, Brenda Perez, Scott Kachlany, Oliver Jovanovic

 Oliver Jovanovic and Daviddavidandoliverdec2006

Oliver received his Ph.D in 2002 after completing
his graduate work in David's lab.


Here are Mladen Tomich and Sarah Greene raising a glass to toast their friend and colleague, Brenda. Both Mladen and Sarah are currently in David's lab. Mladen is doing his postdoc, while Sarah is a research technician.

Alice Prince
was a postdoc in David’s lab a long time ago in the 1980s.

She is now a physician, a Professor of Pediatrics and a Professor of Pharmacology at Columbia University.

Alice has remained a friend in our lives and she’s the first one we call in any medical emergency.
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