This Christmas David and I decided to stay home. No hours spent searching for airline tickets. No hours spent trying to pack. No hassles with limos, airport crowds, or hotel rooms. It was a good decision.

Our son, Jared, called a few weeks before the holiday to announce that he was going to come home for the holidays. He planned to stay a week. That was perfect!

 christmas2006davidanddonnaWorth a 1,000 Words!

 That's MY son!    That's MY Dad!

Therapy can be fun! Well . . . Sometimes.
If David can't be behind the wheel of a race car,
this is next best. With his unsteady hand though,
I think Jared has the advantage.

 Okay, Mom!
Enough pictures, already!

 christmas2006jaredanddavidracingxbox  christmas2006jared

You said you wanted ONE more picture. Will this do?

Okay, so maybe I did take a LOT of pictures. But, Jared lives in
Santa Cruz, California and we don't get to see him all that much.
So, I DID take a lot of pictures!

It was a nice Christmas. Jared helped out a lot with some little
things around the house - and some big things, too. My garage
looks a lot better.

We also went car shopping together. Time to upgrade the wheels.

We went out to dinner a few times and brought food in. AND,
I made a turkey dinner with all trimmings for Christmas Day.


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