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donnaodonnellfigurski.com - GRANDPA for SALE

written by Dotti Enderle and Vicki Sansum
illustrated by T. Kyle Gentry

Publisher: Flashlight Press
ISBN-13 9780972922586
ISBN-10 097292258X
Ages 4-8

For five hundred dollars, Lizzie imagined the exquisite tree house she could buy. For one thousand dollars, she could buy a small boat with her own name engraved on both the front and the sides. Imagine -- the S. S. Lizzie!

As Mrs. Bradley Larchmont the Third raised her offer to buy Lizzie’s Grandpa, who was sleeping peacefully and unaware (or maybe not so unaware) on the old Louis XVI settee in Oldman’s Antique Store, Lizzie’s mind went crazy -- a new Lavender Dream Bedroom Set for five thousand dollars, her very own ice cream shop, with every flavor ever made, with chocolate chips, and sprinkles and hot fudge for ten thousand dollars. It was mighty tempting, but Lizzie said, “No Deal!”

As Mrs. Larchmont raised the money for Lizzie’s Grandpa, her offers became more and more difficult for Lizzie to refuse. Lizzie was torn as she imagined all she could buy with that money. But when, through gritted teeth, Mrs. Larchmont said her final offer was fifty thousand dollars, Lizzie dug in her heels and insisted that Grandpa was not for sale. After all, what fun would a tree house, a boat, or even an amusement park be without Grandpa there to enjoy it with her. I have to agree with Lizzie. There is no amount of money to replace a grandpa.

I remember when I was in college; I lived with my grandparents in McKeesport, Pennsylvania for two months, while I waited for a dorm room to open up. Although the commute was fifteen miles to Pittsburgh every day -- each way, via walking, bus, train, and then more walking, I loved it! It was a great time! Living with my grandparents was the best!  My grandpa, I called him Poppy, treated me like a princess. (So did my Gram!) There is nothing like a grandpa . . . and I have to say it again, “There is no amount of money to replace a grandpa,” . . . or a Poppy either.

In Grandpa For Sale written by authors, Dotti Enderle and Vicki Sansum and illustrated by T. Kyle Gentry, Mrs. Larchmont certainly figured out that Lizzie’s Grandpa was not for sale, but I can’t help but wonder if she ever realized that money cannot buy everything. It can’t buy health or friends. It can’t buy which way the wind blows, or when the sun shines. And as Paul McCartney and John Lennon and the Beatles sang so many years ago, “Money can't buy me love!” But the even greater music in Grandpa For Sale was the sound of the cash register on the last page when Lizzie pushed the big red button– Ding!  NO SALE!

HEY, did I see a twinkle in Grandpa’s eye?

Look for a complete review of this book at Smartwriters.com

FROM the MOUTHS of KIDDLE CRITers: a critique group

“Lizzie is watching her family’s antique shop . . . ” said Ethan.

“Oldman’s Antiques!” said Melia. “Lizzie dusted everything there.”

“I think Lizzie takes good care of the shop,” interrupted Sarit.

 “ . . . Then a rich woman came in and wanted to buy Lizzie’s grandpa,” continued Ethan.

“I think that Mrs. Larchmont is arrogant and stuck-up,” said Pritka with a totally disgusted look on her face. “She thinks she’s queen of the world just because she’s rich . . . and she thinks she can buy people.”

“Yeah,” said Timmy. “The woman said, ‘I’ll buy it.’ But Lizzie didn’t know the woman wanted to buy her grandpa.”

Pritka rolled her eyes. “Mrs. Larchmont thought everything could be bought,” she said.

“Yeah,” said Melia. “She asked how much Lizzie’s grandpa was.”

“She was treating him like property,” said Ethan. “I think somebody has to knock some sense into Mrs. Larchmont.”

“Mrs. Larchmont was not really very nice,” said Jewel.

“She kept raising the price to buy grandpa,” said Ethan.

“And, she got snottier,” said Jewel, “and snottier!”

“I like that Lizzie didn’t sell her grandpa,” said Melia. “Nobody would want to sell their grandpa!”

“For $20,000 I would,” said Timmy with a twinkle in his eye. Yeah I know, it’s bad, but I would.” *(see NOTE below)

“For $20,000 dollars?” asked Pritka.
“Whatever! I would still sell,” said Timmy. “Just think . . . people like amusements parks. And I - I could own one. I’d be super rich!”

 Pritka thought for a minute then said, “The lowest I would go is 10 billion dollars.”

“No one could replace their grandpa because they’re one of a kind. I would never sell my grandpa,” said Sarit. “He’s special. He does a lot of things for me. Sometimes he goes biking with me.”

Ethan nodded. “I agree with Sarit,” he said. “I wouldn’t sell my grandfather either. Everybody’s grandfather is special.  Like my grandfather - he’s totally sports oblivious, but he’s into history, like I am, so we can start up a conversation and talk for a long time.”

“If I sold my grandpa,” said Jake, “Then my mom and dad wouldn’t want me to be in the house anymore.”

“Well, I wouldn’t sell my grandpas!” said Melia very defiantly. “Anyway, I can’t sell them because one is in Greece and one is in Puerto Rico.”

“Lizzie loves her grandpa so much, she gives up $50,000 dollars,” said Pritka.

“Lizzie keeps thinking of the things she could buy,” said Ethan, “But then she realizes that nothing would be fun without grandpa.”

“That was love,” said Melia.

 “Grandpa knew that his granddaughter wouldn’t sell him for all the money in the world and that made him very happy,” said Ethan.

Pritka smiled. “One thing in the world that can never be bought,” she said, “Is love! It’s more complex than you think!”

*NOTE from Timmy to his Grandpa. “I was only kidding, Grandpa! REALLY!!!!!”


GRANDPA WEB: Language Arts /Social Studies

Draw an oval in the middle of your paper.
Inside the oval write the word GRANDPA.
Then draw lines extending from the oval and draw more ovals at the end of them. See example below from Enchanted Learning.

Next have children fill in each oval with a special word about their Grandpa. Here are some characteristics to get them started.

Loving           Giving          Helpful     Silly
Funny            Playful        Caring      Quiet
Generous      Happy         Sharing     Goofy

Cut around the outside of the web and glue onto colored construction paper. Hang in the hallway.

(Although I examined these websites and found them to be very helpful, please use them at your own discretion.)

Grandfather's Day Certificate
Grandparent's Day


Grandfather Counts written by Andrea Cheng, illustrated by Ange Zhang (previously reviewed in this column)
Whatcha Got? written by Jennifer Dussling, illustrated by Amy Wummer (previously reviewed in this column)
40 Uses for a Grandpa written by Harriet Ziefert, illustrated by Amanda Haley
Grandpas Are for Finding Worms written by Harriet Ziefert, illustrated by Jennifer Plecas
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