September 14, 2007

Dear Holen,

 It is with much sadness I write this. I am so very, very sorry. Uncle David and I feel for you deeply. We only knew Zac for a short time, but we were happy that we did. Please know that we love you very much--always have! holen & zac

I know you are a strong young woman (jumping in your car and heading out to New Orleans to reconstruct the city after Katrina's devastation) and now you must be strong again to pick up the pieces of your own fractured and fragmented life and reconstruct them . . . over time. And, it will take time. Keep your fond memories of Zac close to your heart and near in your mind. They will help you through this unbearable and unbelievable time.

I was going to send flowers, but thought you might be able to use money instead. I did, however, buy a small bunch of red carnations, which I placed in front of my fireplace in Zac's memory. Though I was not able to come to California to be with you, I wanted a constant reminder of the nightmare that you are
zac experiencing. The carnations keep you in our constant memory. It's my little way of being a part of your life so far away.

If you ever want to talk or want to come stay with us for a while to help ease you over this huge hurdle in your life, please call me. You are welcome.

With so much love,

Aunt Donna & Uncle David

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