A Day With No Crayons
41tyoc0cvel._aa240_Elizabeth Rusch, author of A Day With No Crayons says:

Yeah, this IS great!

So here's a note for the kids:

Hey KIDDLE CRITers, I loved reading your comments on my book A Day With No Crayons. You really got what I was trying to do in the story -- Liza's passion for colors, her sadness and anger at having her crayons taken away, the joy when she discovered color all around her, and her amazing creativity making art with things from her everyday life. I hope you all enjoy discovering and playing with all the color in YOUR world!

Liz Rusch

And for Donna: What a fun review! I loved your take on the book -- and reading the kids' reaction was such a delight. The lesson plans were terrific, too. Could I put the review etc on my website? I have a section of resources for teachers...

All the best,
(March 2008)

Tara, publicist at Raab Associates says:

Hi Donna,

This is fantastic. I just cc'd you on the e-mail I sent to the author regarding your review. Also, I've sent an internal e-mail throughout our office for everyone to see.  Please let the CRITters' know how much we enjoy their comments and input!

Thanks again!
Tara :)   Publicist
Raab Associates
(March 2008)

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