Reunited in Erie, PA
April 2009

"Where's Papa going with that ax?" yelled Fern Arable (aka Tiffany Griffith Dorta) in Charlotte's Web. The play debuted more than 20 years ago in my 3rd grade classroom. After reading E. B. White's classic to my class, we wrote our version of the play. Then each child practiced his or her part until he or she was ready for opening night . . . errr . . . opening afternoon. Those eight year-olds put on a perfect play, not only for their fellow schoolmates, but also for the general public at the local

So many years later, it was fun to meet Tiffany again. She's all grown up now. Tiffany and I m
et in Erie on a recent visit to my hometown. We spent several hours traveling down memory lane--remembering her classmates and teachers, remembering the play, Charlotte's Web, remembering learning the multiplication tables. And, now I am left with the happy memory of remembering a very pleasant evening with Tiffany and her lovely daughter.

Email from Tiffany:

Just want to say it was really nice to see you.  You look wonderful, like time has not passed since I left your classroom!  It was nice to be able to talk to you as an adult and realize what a wonderful person I had as a teacher.  Thanks so much !!!  You taught my little chatterbox to whisper the word "shout" ....that is hysterical!!

tiffany  :)
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