Treska & Mother Earth News
(August 2009)

Here's a letter I wrote to my granddaughter.

         Hi Treska,

     You are amazing! I am so proud of you. As a fellow writer, I must tell you how excited I was when I saw your article, "Learning to Live Off the Land" in Mother Earth News. treska-mother-earth-news-c(Don't forget to click on the image gallery to see more pictures.) It was beautifully written.
     After spending two weeks on the farm with you this summer, I realize what a joy it is. The calm, peaceful time in the field picking onions, radishes, kale and sugar snap peas was so refreshing.
     You had a dream and you are living it. What more can anyone want? I know you have a lot of dreams and I know that you will make them all come true.
     Follow your dreams always.

     Love, Granny

Treska, a beautiful 13 year old dynamo, is following many dreams. Pluck her out of the treska-farm-3field, surrounded by onions, broccoli, tomatoes, and corn and plop her onto the floor of the dance studio and she will transform in front of your eyes -- a beautiful ballerina. In her African dance class, she is a whirl of color.

Treska's short list of career dreams include ballerina, of course, pediatrician, midwife, and super model. The beauty of it all is that she can accomplish any one of these dreams.

Here are the comments that family and friends have sent to Treska. I thank them all dearly for their lovely sentiments.

Pat  Streips (my best friend)

You should be proud - great article - love that they are so interested in caring for the earth and living off the land.  I want to live there and garden with them.

Len & Helen Andrew (Kiersten's very close friend -- Marcy's Parents)

You should be very proud of Treska and Kiersten, as well as the rest of the family. Having them as neighbors has changed Marcy's life and has been a blessing.

Nancy McDonough (friend and mentor -- Nancy was my student teacher mentor when I was learning to be a teacher. She is a 2nd grade teacher and a book reviewer for NSTA National Science Teachers Association.)

"What a brilliant piece of writing--fresh, personal and engaging, with not a wasted word!! This praise comes at the same time I am reading over 200 books vying for inclusion of the list of Outstanding Science Trade Books of 2009, so I know of whence I speak!!"

Marliyn Singer (friend and author of more than 80 books)

What a great article!  I loved it!  You and David and Treska's parents must be so proud.


Bryce Williams (cousin and friend)


Another writer in the family! Great article! You should be very proud. Of course, I'm sure David is taking the credit for her writing talent as well as her farming abilities. He sees it as lab work.  Aren't grand kids great?


Meish Goldish (friend and author of more than 100 books for children and teachers)


Thank you for sharing your (grand)daughter's article. It is so well written! I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Take care,

Judy Thau (sweet friend and fellow traveler on the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) train)

What a beautiful, smart, enlightened granddaughter you and David have. You must be bursting with pride over this. I have shared it with my kids, my two oldest grandchildren and a very dear friend that teaches special needs children (around Treska's age). Please let her know she is an inspiration.
Both girls are lovely..... just like their Grandma!

Much love,

Monique (our German friend)

"WOW, great article! I loved reading it! The carrots looked delicious..."

Christine Hayward (Aunt Patrice's sister)

Thanks for sharing the article.  What a wonderful experience it sounds like she is having.  She has found her passion and so beautifully shared it with us all.  You must feel so proud of her insight and ability to articulate it with others.

Barbara Seuling (author friend who has written more than 100 books)

Thanks ! You must be so proud! I'm looking forward to reading this.


Kiersten Figurski likes this.

Maureen O'Donnell Kobierowski  (niece)

This is fantastic! Way to go Treska!!! = )

Kevin Scully    (old high school friend)

Donna -- fantastic -- thanks!

Saul Silverstein (Columbia Professor and friend)

You are just such a jewish mother, nice work on their part, nice
quelling on yours.

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